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Notes from the Journey

Remember when we were kids and went on field trips in school, using the 'buddy system'? You always needed to have a buddy - kids holding hands, walking together to make sure neither got lost along the way. This life is a bit like a field trip. We are exploring the world, trying to learn as much as we can, and finding joy along the way. We all need a buddy to help us stay on the right path, so we don't wander off and get lost. As difficult as this life journey is, we all can use as many travel buddies as we can get, all helping each other stay on the right path. We need to keep our eyes and hearts open to those who have already wander away from the path and do what we can to help them to get back. We need to help each other notice all the beautiful things God has provided for us to explore. God sends us love notes every day. It's in that little something that goes your way and just makes your life a bit easier. It's in the breathtaking sunset or beautiful flower we just happen to see along the way. We are here to help each other along, encourage each other, and, most important, love one another. Loving one another is the thing that shows Whose path we are following.

The purpose of this blog is a written form of the buddy system. Ideas and thoughts, stories, and comments that will uplift and make the trip a little more meaningful and hopefully a bit more joyful too. This not a place for debate, condemnation, or accusation. There are plenty of other blogs out there for that—this a GOOD NEWS ONLY zone. We have the most excellent news there has ever been to share, and our great commission is to tell as many people as we can. Jesus lives! God loves us! The best is yet to be!

Let me know what you think. I plan to post at least weekly, so come back by and keep in touch.

Yours in Christ - Jackie D Travel Buddy

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